About Jim Anderson and Psalmtree Consulting

Our Founder

Jim is the founder of Psalmtree Consulting and has been consulting with small businesses since he departed from his business Anderson Network, Inc., in the 1990s. Anderson Network was a staffing agency for Certified Technical Trainers in the PC Networking/Client Server/Programming nationwide market during the 1990s.  Since then, Jim has been coaching and consulting with small business owners to help them build their businesses.

Early Career and Education

Jim holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Belmont University in Nashville, TN, with a concentration in Finance. He also holds a Master’s in Religious Studies from Southern California Seminary in El Cajon, CA, and is an ordained minister with Evangelical Church Alliance. He has a unique combination of education in business and theology that he applies to the real world, grounded in his experience as a small business owner. 

After a brief tenure of service in the Army as a specialist in Electronic Warfare, he did various jobs such as auto collections for GMAC, property management, PC Network technician for law firms, and real estate research. Then after becoming one of the first 100 certified trainers on NetWare and Microsoft PC networking systems, he launched his first business, Anderson Network, Inc. He built this company to be one of the top two competitors in its market niche in the country.

See his LinkedIn Profile for his work history.

Progression and Accomplishments

His first nine years as a business leader were as the CEO/CFO of his company, Anderson Network, Inc., which he built with his business partner from the ground up. She handled the sales and marketing, and he handled the finance and administration. He also worked as a certified technical trainer until the company grew too large to keep doing that.

In 2001, the technical training market contracted significantly when venture capital pulled out of unprofitable internet-based companies, and the demand for technical training could no longer sustain the company. Jim learned some significantly valuable lessons not taught in business school about the realities of small businesses that every business owner should know. Out of this experience, Jim has been able to help other small businesses become more successful in their efforts.

Since then, Jim has worked with various small businesses, helping them with turnaround efforts and financial and management process cleanup. 

Accomplishment Case Studies

  1. Case Study 1 – Solving an Industry Problem
  2. Case Study 2 – Implementing Competitive Advantage
  3. Case Study 3 – No Exception IRS Audit
  4. Case Study 4 – Performance Based Hiring System
  5. Case Study 5 – A Killer Lead Generation System
  6. Case Study 6 – Avoiding A Cash Flow Disaster
  7. Case Study 7 – Saving Money On Insurance Premiums
  8. Case Study 8 – Maximizing Customer Satisfaction
  9. Case Study 9 – Training New Employees For Less
  10. Case Study 10 – Employee Coaching Meetings
  11. Case Study 11 – Business Systems Strategy
  12. Case Study 12 – Improving Working Relationships
  13. Case Study 13 – Increasing Client Conversion Rates
  14. Case Study 14 – Delivering on a Promise
  15. Case Study 15 – Solving Fatal Problems
  16. Case Study 16 – Establishing An Accounting System
  17. Case Study 17 – Staying on Top of Mind
  18. Case Study 18 – Improving Implementation
  19. Case Study 19 – Product Strategy That Sells Customers
  20. Case Study 20 – A Quality Production Process

Over the years, in working with many different small businesses, Jim discovered a growing disconnect between fundamental moral principles and success in business. Christian business owners often held a dual system of ethics, one for business and one for their personal lives.  Many believe high moral standards will get you trampled in the increasingly competitive marketplace. Bending the rules is seen as necessary to succeed. Yet, in his efforts, he is still convinced that the proper application of biblical principles in business is necessary to have integrity as a business. Integrity is essential for the long-term success of a business.

Major Turning Points

Jim was a music business major at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and was ambitious to develop a career as a recording artist and producer.  About halfway through pursuing the degree, he had an opportunity to do a record deal with CBS Priority Records as an artist. This had been a lifetime dream since he was ten years old. However, he learned of the personal sacrifices that would need to be made for such a career, which was still a long shot after making those sacrifices.  Having a family was important to him, and he decided to change his career goal and change his college major to business finance instead. This led to his pursuit of entrepreneurship, using his creative desires to solve problems instead. It was an earthshaking change of direction, but it immediately led to the founding of a local chapter of the Association of Collegiate Entrepreneurs at Belmont University and the beginning of a journey toward the founding of Anderson Network, Inc.  

After moving to Orange County, CA, in the early 1990s, Jim found himself in a job role that led to a NetWare certification as a Certified NetWare Engineer and Certified NetWare Instructor. Very soon after getting his certifications, he found himself doing a job retraining program at Fullerton College in North Orange County that inspired the beginnings of Anderson Network, Inc. Soon after Microsoft launched its certification program, he became a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and a Microsoft Certified Trainer. The demand for certified professionals grew so fast that he began placing certified trainers in certified training centers while working as a contract trainer. Upon launching his company, he joined a coaching program called E-Myth Mastery, where he learned to put his business education into practice, which led to building Anderson Network, Inc. Eventually, he even became a Certified E-Myth Coach himself on the side.

Current Work

Today, Jim is the founder of Psalmtree Consulting, where he works with business owners with entrepreneurial challenges that they need help with.  Most of them have been financially related due to the widespread lack of attention to detail in bookkeeping in small businesses. Much of these problems stem from a lack of knowledge of the importance of keeping good books and records and the fact that it is legally required. Often, the business owner has come to Jim after a disaster has occurred or when the IRS is coming to audit the business. As a result, they learned an expensive lesson. So, Jim specializes in helping small businesses clean up their books to avoid those disasters and keep them clean, get accurate financial reporting, and make better business decisions. It also leads to saving as much as tens of thousands of dollars in income taxes. Click Here to see his Inuit ProAdvisor profile.

Psalmtree Consulting can work with companies located anywhere, using the technology available now and taking advantage of the ability to do it with minimal overhead. The Gig Economy is changing the nature of small businesses and creating greater leverage of resources to accomplish big goals.

See Jim’s book Gig Economy Business Strategy.

Current Accomplishment Case Studies

  1. Case Study 21 – Reconstructing Accounting Records
  2. Case Study 22 – Balance Sheet Repaired
  3. Case Study 23 – Built An Accounting Department
  4. Case Study 24 – Designed and Documented Procedures
  5. Case Study 25 – A Small Business Books Cleanup Process

Jim is pursuing opportunities to work with small business entrepreneurs, taking their businesses to the next level.


Empower and mobilize Christian entrepreneurs worldwide to alleviate poverty and spread the Gospel.

The statement holds significant importance as it combines the values of entrepreneurship, social responsibility, and the Christian faith to address two critical aspects of human well-being: poverty and recognition of Biblical truth. By empowering Christian entrepreneurs, it recognizes the potential of business ventures as a powerful force for positive change, capable of generating economic opportunities and uplifting impoverished communities worldwide. Moreover, emphasizing the spread of the Gospel underscores the belief in the transformative power of this biblical faith and the desire to share biblical teachings and values with others. This statement reflects a holistic approach that seeks to integrate economic prosperity with spiritual growth, recognizing the interconnectedness of material and spiritual dimensions of human life on earth. By mobilizing Christian entrepreneurs worldwide, this endeavor has the potential to create a global network of individuals committed to social impact and the advancement of Christian values, fostering a sense of unity and purpose across diverse cultures and regions.  Thus creating a network of cultures built on biblical values and truth.

Exponential Organizations

Jim seeks out individuals who share his passion to join forces and create an Exponential Organization. Their joint mission is to effectively work towards achieving their shared vision.

Consider the following economic data as evidence of how free market entrepreneurship and advancing technology have fought poverty:

  • Between 1820 and 2015 the proportion of humanity living in extreme poverty plummeted from 90% to 10%
  • Between 1800 and 2016, the global literacy rate increased from 15% to more than 80%.
  • Between 1800 and 2017, the global child mortality rate plummeted from 42% to under 5%.
  • Between 1779 and 2019, average global life expectancy skyrocketed from 30 to more than 75 years.

The accelerating pace of technology is making it easier to bring entrepreneurship to third-world countries and lowering barriers for the poor worldwide to raise their standard of living. These new entrepreneurs need the Gospel as a moral guide as they are exposed to these opportunities for exponential growth.