Case Study 14 – Delivering on a Promise

How To Pay Off Thousands Of Dollars In Debt In 13-Weeks

Most small businesses make lofty promises in their marketing and advertising to attract prospects to their business.  Somehow, they forget that promise once they have the customer.  If they do deliver on the promise, somehow that is forgotten by the both the customer and the business.  They just move on to the next thing.  So it becomes necessary to continue to find new customers marketing and advertising as the old ones drift away.  There is no measurement or monitoring of successful delivery on a promise and it isn’t used to keep old customers and win new ones.

21 people paid down $1.2 million in consumer debt in 13-weeks in the first Financial Peace University class I offered

While working in ministry at Saddleback Church, I recognized that the Crown Ministries personal finance ministry was doing a great job as a bible study; but it wasn’t actually helping people get out of debt.  For those who were struggling financially, it fell short of expectations.  So I started a new ministry to fill the gap called Financial Peace University, created by Dave Ramsey.  The course promised that it would be hands on and tell you exactly what to do to get out of debt and stay out of debt and as a result change your life.  As a Financial Peace University coordinator, it was my job to get people to the class and coach them through the process that Dave Ramsey taught via DVD video.  Students could attend the class and not achieve anything; they needed to catch the vision Dave Ramsey communicated and stay motivated enough to follow through.  So I assembled my own stories around the various topics that were taught and told the class how each one of these actions turned my financial situation around.  I told these stories with passion and told them in no uncertain terms that it took “getting angry” to make it happen.  We all were focused on the goal of getting out of debt; it wasn’t just about taking a class.  We took a survey at the beginning of the class to see how much debt we had total as a class.  At the end of the class we took another survey to see how much debt we still had.  By doing this survey we saw an impressive result of 21 people, as a class, paying down a total of $1.2 million in consumer debt over 13 weeks.   That was an average of $57,000 per person.  Everyone was aware of how successful this class had been and walked away satisfied and impressed how it had literally changed their lives.  Promise delivered.

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