Case Study 17 – Staying on Top of Mind

How To Increase The Effectiveness Of Your Brochure By Turning It Into A Reference Document

Marketing materials are often fluffed and customers know it.  If you send out a brochure, it will often end up in the trash because a customer can’t keep all those great brochures on hand for reference when the need arises.  So the money spent on sending out brochures to potential customers is costly and largely ineffective.  Most small business owners simply follow the lead of their marketing consultant or graphic artist on designing marketing materials without much consideration to what the effect of various details have on response rates.

80% of our target customers were reminded daily of our services due to changing our brochure to an updated summary list of authorized courses

Since we had a fixed list of software authorized training centers that utilized our services, we would simply mail out marketing materials each month to keep our company “top of mind” so when they had a need for a specialized trainer they would call us first.  We discovered, however, that those brochures were often tossed in the trash before they even looked at them.  So I decided that we needed to do something different that would make them want to read them.  Using our problem solving system, we came up with the idea that putting an updated list of authorized courses in the content of the brochure would serve as a current reference document for the buyer.  The mix of authorized courses was changing constantly, so a monthly update would be useful to our clients.  After our first mailing of this new brochure format we found that 80% of our target companies were keeping it visible in their workspace as a reference of current authorized courses.  They could easily glance at this document to find the course they had in mind.  As a result, our company name and contact information was conveniently located so they could simply dial the phone number to inquire on the availability of a trainer for the class they had in mind.  This became a key component in our marketing efforts. We were successful in getting our target companies to call us before our competitors and grow our sales.

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