Case Study 8 – Maximizing Customer Satisfaction

How To Create A Powerful Customer Experience

Most small businesses are inconsistent in the delivery of their products and services.  As a result customers come and go.  They come when they have a good experience and stay until they have a bad experience.  They stay when the business gives them the experience they want.  When the customer does not get the experience they want, they will look for it at their competition.  Unfortunately, giving the customer the experience they want and doing it consistently is something most businesses are unable to do.  So customers end up patronizing the business that screws up the least.

Improved customer satisfaction 100% by implementing a documented system for fulfilling contract training delivery to our clients

When we started the business, there was a significant quality problem with certified contract trainers in the sense that they would often get complaints on student evaluations about their level of competence in course delivery.  The perception was that staff trainers were higher quality.  So, taking the quality position in the market, we decided it was necessary to find a way to make sure our contract trainers delivered consistently high quality training experiences.  We started with customer surveys of each engagement.  They would rate their satisfaction with our service and the trainer’s service on a scale of 1 to 10 on a series of questions.  We were able to identify what was most important to them in the process of assigning a trainer to their class and in the course delivery itself.  We also assessed what our competitors were doing and what they were doing successfully.  We focused on factors such as timeliness, convenience, accuracy, personal impact, and responsiveness.  The factors we identified as key leverage points were factored into our lead generation and sales processes after making sure we kept our differentiation in how we delivered.  The process of delivering on those key expectations were documented and job performance evaluations included those factors so employee performance would be tied to their consistently following those systems and deliver a consistent, and powerful, client experience.  The customer survey scores went from an average of 4.5 to an average of 9.

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