Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile – Get More Customers

What Is A Google Business Profile?

Google’s search engine has 92% of the search engine market. A Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business or GMB) is essentially a local business listing on Google. It is very powerful because it can be found when searching on Google for a local business product or service. It appears in what is called the “Map Pack” where a map of local businesses that are pinned on a map and there is a list of three businesses in a box next to it that lists the Google Business Profiles for businesses that most closely match what was searched. This box can be expanded to find more on the list. To appear at the top of this list, your listing must be optimized.

This Google Business Profile is free from Google and provides details about your business including photos. It appears on Google maps as well. This profile will increase the visibility of your business across Google services. This profile is only for businesses that have contact with their customers, meaning they have a physical location. If your business is online-only, Google will not approve a profile for you. Businesses that appear here and have an active profile, are verified. If Google finds they are inaccurate or spammy, they will remove them.

Why Is It Important To Have A Google Business Profile?

Google Map Pack

A Google Business Profile will get you more foot traffic and web traffic from Internet searches. Since the Google Business Profile appears on Google Maps, it makes it easier for potential customers to find you. You can see in this example that it appears in keyword searches that match your profile, and if you have optimized your profile better than anyone else, you would appear at the top of this list. This is what is called a “Map Pack” and it appears near the top of the page, giving you a significant advantage for getting traffic to your profile and providing a pinned location in Google Maps to make you easy to find.

Google Business Profile

When they click through on your listing, they will go to your Google Business Profile showing all the information about your business that you have provided in your listing. This includes a link to your website, your business name, your phone number, your address, hours you are open, photos, a description, customer reviews, and more. It improves your local Search Engine Optimization because it appears in searches for nearby businesses using Google Maps.

This also allows you to keep your contact information put to date as well as other information about your business. This is also where you can upload 360 photos to enhance your profile even more. If you manage this profile well, it will provide you with greater traffic to your website, and more potential customers than without it. It has proven to be effective in helping local businesses increase sales.

Getting reviews on your Google Business Profile will provide social proof for building trust and credibility for your business. Customers not only give you a star rating but are able to make comments as well. They can share as much as they want about their experience with your business. This helps customers decide which business to visit and potentially buy from. Although it might be a bit intimidating if you are worried about getting bad reviews. But, you are able to respond to all reviews and it gives you an opportunity to demonstrate your ability to respond well to unhappy customers. We all know you can’t make everyone happy, but you can control how you respond to tough customers. Also, having a combination of positive and negative reviews adds credibility and potential customers feel the reviews are more trustworthy. If all you have is glowing recommendations, people will take them with a grain of salt.