How To Integrate Mobile Marketing Into Your Local Strategy

September 23, 2022

Both local and mobile marketing strategies are highly effective in today’s marketing.  You might consider combining them together to get some significant results.  How do you do this?  Here are three ways you can take a local approach to mobile marketing.

Take Advantage of Ads on Mobile Apps

We spend over 80% of our time using mobile apps according to marketing research.  You’ll notice on some of the apps you use, it is likely that you’ll see ads pop up.  If you use Google AdMob, you can get your own ads to show up here.  Just make sure you place ads on appropriate apps that will target your local market.

Text Message Promotion

You can also send text messages to promote to your local customers.  You can do this by getting your customers to subscribe to your text messages, but if you need to build a list, you can also hire a company that specializes in building lists of mobile subscribers, developing campaigns, and sending out mobile messages on your behalf.

Google Offers for Mobile

You may or may not of heard of this yet, but Google Offers for Mobile is a service you can get through Google to enable you to post coupon or discount offers underneath your advertisements.  This is a feature that has shown that it doubles the chances of your target customers clicking through the ad.  People love discounts.

Get Started

There are three ways to improve your local marketing strategy with mobile marketing.  Just choose one strategy and test it out.  See how much it improves your results.

Digital marketing is the leading edge in marketing, and businesses that are not using these strategies are getting left behind.  Mobile marketing is the new frontier.  We are spending more and more of our time looking at our mobile phones, as they become more of a personal utility.  Test out different strategies and measure the results.  This is something that needs to be done constantly to keep your marketing strategy fresh and continually improving results.


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