Reputation Marketing

What You Need To Know About Reputation Marketing Management

Reputation Marketing Management is becoming a necessity.  As the Internet has become more commonly used, the mistakes of companies and the mistreatment of customers have become more commonly reported. It used to be that situations that were embarrassing for a company were easily covered up and kept hidden. Now, with reviews, blogs, forums, and social media, it is easy for dissatisfied customers to air their complaints publicly through the Internet. It is becoming imperative for companies to protect their brand by managing their reputation online. Not only is it an important marketing strategy to be more competitive, but it is also a defensive strategy against inaccurate information about your company. As business owners, we are under greater scrutiny now. It is reported by digital marketing experts now that research shows that 90% of customers online check 10 reviews before forming an opinion on a company, and 97% make their decision whether or not to buy from a company based on the quality of the reviews. If they see too many bad reviews, or if they can’t find you online, they shop elsewhere.

This is especially true for local businesses. In the 2021 Whitespark survey of search ranking factors, having a Google Business Profile was found to be critical for reputation, and for your profile to rank, reviews were an important factor. It is trending as becoming more important over time. If you aren’t managing this, it will eventually be an extremely expensive oversight. This goes along with being easily found in local searches for businesses like yours. Do not overlook the importance of this.  Reputation Marketing Management will provide this.

What You Can Do About Your Online Reputation

You can manage your online reputation by making sure to be proactive about your online presence. Reputation Marketing Management will do this for you. You can’t do this alone, it is simply too much work. You need to be paying attention to providing the best quality fulfillment in what you do, and building relationships with your current customers. But you cannot neglect this. Review management is at the top of the list, but you also need to pay attention to getting your business listed in online directories (referred to as Citations), and most importantly on Google with a Google Business Profile (GBP). Having a website to link to in your Google profile is important as well, and that website should be designed to rank well with good content and lots of high-quality backlinks, and a high-quality user experience. Your GBP profile needs to be optimized and managed so it ranks as high as possible in searches. It also means that you need to have done good search engine optimization on your website (content is king), you also need to get as many good quality links to your website as possible. These are the basics to making sure you can be found on the Internet.

Google is very sensitive to spamming the techniques above to get ranked high in keyword searches. They are penalizing websites for using those techniques. As the Internet becomes more competitive, it is a growing problem they have to deal with. Keyword stuffing, creating multiple listings and fake addresses for verifications are constantly being delisted. It is no longer a good strategy to game the system. If you play by the rules, you will have greater long-term success. That doesn’t mean that you won’t get hit with the fallout of the artificial intelligence misclassifying your listing as spam, but that can be corrected and we can expect the technology to improve over time.

One of the first things to do is to analyze your current online footprint with a comprehensive online reputation report. This is a system we have available for you that works in minutes just by putting in your business name and phone number. This report will give you customer sentiment and where you are doing well and where you need to improve. It may show you that customers are struggling to find you online, which means you are losing them to competitors. You will learn what important directories you are on and where you are not and should be. Most of all, you will see what needs to be done to improve your online reputation.  Get your free reputation analysis by contacting us on this form now.

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