Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing Search Ranking For Your Website

What Is Search Optimization?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of doing what it takes to build a website that will appear closer to the top of the list when someone searches for topics related to what your website is about. It increases the visibility of your website. This improves the quality of your website to rank highly on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other sites. Doing this can increase the likelihood that you will get customers from those who view your website. This is especially true for local service businesses.

Why Is Search Optimization Important?

It is important for marketing your business on the internet. If it is done properly, and your website appears at or near the top of searches, you will get more prospects exposed to your business. These are potential customers searching for what you are selling and you are getting them referred to you for free. This is a core piece of digital marketing. This is even more valuable than traffic obtained

through advertising because they had to go through the steps to find you, which shows an intention and an interest in what you are selling. There is a ton of traffic on the internet and your ability to get the attention of these prospective customers means competing with other similar businesses in ranking their websites in these searches. You are competing for that attention and the closer you are to the top of the list of results in a particular search, the more likely you will see visitors coming to your website and potentially visiting your physical location.

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It does you no good to have a website up on the Internet if no one sees it, so it is important from a business perspective to do what you can to make sure as many people see it as possible. Even better, you want to capture potential customers through that website. So the design of the website must be created in such a way to be search engine friendly and that the off-site SEO be done effectively to get your website to do the job of getting you more business. Just having a website is not enough. You want to be found when potential customers are looking for what you sell.

Why Hire An SEO Professional?

You could do the Search Engine Optimization work yourself, but is it worth your time? First, you would need to learn how to do SEO work, and then you would need to do it better than your competitors to outrank them in searches. Unfortunately, things are constantly changing in the world of search engines and the Internet. Google and other search engines often change their search algorithms and it is happening more frequently all the time. Your rankings will be affected by these changes and keeping up with them can be daunting if you aren’t working at this full-time. It just doesn’t seem worth it given the challenges you face with keeping your website ranked. Even your SEO professional will struggle with getting you to number one on your keywords sometimes. Competition can be fierce.

An agency that specializes in SEO will have access to the best tools, resources, and strategies that help them stay on the leading edge of the fast-changing Search Engine Optimization landscape. As with all technology-related industries, the speed of innovation continues to accelerate. This makes outsourcing this area of expertise to a Search Engine Optimization professional.

SEO Search Engine Optimization Numbers.

The best leads come from the 5.6 billion searches that happen every day. According to BrightEdge, organic traffic, also referred to as search engine traffic makes up 53.3% of website traffic. These are people looking for something. According to the Search Engine Journal, consumer behavior is dictated by the domination of search on the internet. Google owns 91.75% of that search market. At the same time, 90.63% of pages on the Internet get no organic search traffic from Google. The majority of businesses are spending more than $5,000 a month on Search Engine Optimization. You also probably should note that 1 in 3 of all mobile searches are related to location, and 76% of people who search on their mobile phones for something local visit a business within a day. 28% of those people make a purchase. If you are on page 2 of search results, you miss out on a lot of business.

You might be surprised to learn that about 90% of consumers used the Internet to find a local business. Only 15% of trackable traffic comes from paid searches. Yet, a page #1 result will see 91% of the total average traffic. The click-through rate for organic search results is about 1 in 3 of the first search. So it is easy to see that if you don’t have a website that gets seen on the first page of a search result, you are missing out on a lot of business, especially if it is a local business. This isn’t even considering the value of making sure the website you rank captures the leads that come to your website. SEO and lead generation from the Internet are becoming increasingly important for businesses to include in their marketing budget because it has been proven to provide the best ROI in your marketing budget.

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